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Value Based Quality in Breast Cancer Care

This year the annual international meeting of MAYMET (Marmara Asian Region Association of Postgraduate Education Meetings for Breast Diseases) is planned to be organized with Adnan Menderes University School of Medicine (AMUSM) and SENATURK (Senoloji Akademisi). Kusadasi, the Aegian Riviera, will be hosting this year’s event which we believe a perfect venue during spring time with its climate and surroundings. This year we chose Value-Based Quality as the main theme of the meeting. This new concept of quality has been emerging for the last five years which we think all stakeholders taking role in breast care should be awared. As the downsides of “Pay-For-Performance” system in health care are becoming more clear, new and creative solutions for cost-effective care are probed. One of these solutions is believed to be the “Value-Based Quality” system. Avoiding “low or no-value” diagnostic and treatment practices is believed to be the main measure to save money without jeopardizing patients’ well-being. In fact, this approach would provide the optimum outcome with less effort and time. Therefore, during 4th MAYMET-AMUSM-SENATURK Joint Meeting the faculty will give lectures covering all aspects of breast cancer care and panelists will discuss the issues from every dimension by putting value-based quality at the core of each discussion.

This year 8 experienced faculty members from the United Kingdom, Italy, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Egypt and Turkey will give lectures and take their seats during panels for further discussions. These faculty members will be representing each discipline which provides the health care during breast cancer management. Therefore we believe this meeting will provide the participants the multidisciplinary view to understand and bring solutions for integrated problems related with low quality. Invited speakers are among those who had the necessary experience on defining quality and took role in writing guidelines for breast care until now.

Therefore, we would very much like to invite you to this year’s International MAYMET-AMUSM-SENATURK Joint Meeting in Kusadasi, Aydin, Turkey in which you may join the interactive discussions to reflect your individual views on final statements. W e do believe that the success of the meeting depends on the comprehensive and enthusiastic contribution of its participants.